Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chisum Intensive Patent Law Seminar

July 25‐27, 2011 Intensive Patent Law Seminar
Registrations are now being accepted for the Chisum Patent Academy’s third annual summer seminar.  The seminar will be held July 25‐27, 2011, in the offices of in Seattle, Washington.  
What’s Unique About Our Seminar:  The Chisum Patent Academy offers what large CLE providers and patent bar training organizations simply can’t: premium‐quality patent law education in a unique seminar‐style setting. Co‐taught by leading patent law scholars Donald Chisum and Janice Mueller, our intensive three‐day
seminars are limited to ten (10) participants and conducted in roundtable, interactive style.  Seminar
coverage targets first principles as well as latest patent law developments from the Federal Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court.   
Who Should Take Our Seminar:  Chisum Patent Academy seminars are geared for attorneys, experienced
paralegals, engineers, and scientists who seek an intensive introduction to or refresher in substantive patent law, including key aspects of both patentability and enforcement.  Our students have also included Chief Information Officers, law librarians, and financial professionals.   
Topics for 2011 Seminar:  We update our syllabus for every seminar in order to incorporate the most
important recent patent law developments.  Topics likely to be covered in 2011 include legislative reform of the patent laws; nonobviousness in the post‐KSR world; the interaction of claim interpretation and the claim definiteness requirement; the burden of proof for establishing patent invalidity in view of the Supreme Court’s pending decision in Microsoft v. i4i; inequitable conduct standards in view of the Federal Circuit’s pending en banc decision in Therasense; indirect infringement liability including the intent standard to be developed in the Supreme Court’s pending decision in Global‐Tech v. SEB; and the evolving Federal Circuit case law on joint direct infringement of system and method claims.  Past seminar syllabi are posted on our website,   
Fee:  Registration for the three‐day seminar (18 hours total) is $2,000 per person.  Eighteen hours of CLE
credit will be applied for.  Registration is on‐line at  We accept payment by credit card or check.  
Availability:  We have already begun to receive registrations for the July 25‐27, 2011 seminar.  Our seminar is limited to ten attendees.  Before sending payment, we suggest that you contact us at to confirm that seats are still available.   
Best regards,
Janice Mueller and Donald Chisum
Chisum Patent Academy, Inc. Janice M. Mueller
Attorney (Licensed in District of Columbia and Minnesota)
U.S. Patent Attorney (Reg. No. 33,975)
Co‐Founder and Instructor, Chisum Patent Academy
3827‐D South Edmunds Street
Seattle, WA  98118
Tel. 855‐324‐4786
Web:  http://www.chisum‐patent‐‐us/janice‐m‐mueller/
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