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International Conference on Promoting Intraregional Trade in South Asia: Role of SAARC

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Organised by
M.K.Nambyar SAARCLAW Centre
NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad
March 26-27, 2011

In furtherance of its mandate objective, the M.K. Nambyar SAARCLAW Centre has planned an International Conference on Promoting Intraregional Trade in South Asia: Role of SAARC. The dominating themes of the conference would be analyzing and coming up with solutions for various current and pertinent legal issues in the Region in terms of the Region as a whole and also in terms of bilateral concerns.

Scope of the Conference:
The proposed international conference will debate the major problems faced by the SAARC countries in promoting intra-regional economic integration. It is the objective of the conference to debate the opportunities and challenges of identifying and implementing the policy regimes aimed at deepening integration in trade, investment and service sectors. Focus of the conference will be on the following identified issue areas.

1. Multilateral Trading System (WTO) versus Regional Integration: South-South trade
promotion strategies in Asia; SAARC and the Asian Regional Groups: Comparative perspectives

2. Regional Trade Agreements in SAARC: SAPTA and SAFTA experience: Trade
liberalization strategies; tariff levels and schedules; Product coverage; Trade creation and
diversion effects; Bilateral Trade Agreements (BTA) versus RTAs.
3. Trade Facilitation Measures: Cross border trade and movement; NTBs; Visa regime;
Customs rules and transit facilities
4. Patterns of Intra-regional Investment: Investment climate; Capital flows and sources; FDI
Sectors; Role of private sector; Joint ventures
5. Expansion of SAARC: political and economic objectives; prospects for economic
development in expanded SAARC; Economic role of extra-regional powers (US, EU, China,
Japan) in SAARC

Schedule of the Conference:
The Conference will be held on March 26-27, 2011.
February 25: Last date for receipt of Title and Abstract of Paper
March 15: Submission of Full paper (A 4 size, 1.5 space, font 12 in Times Roman script)
Screening Committee of the conference will adjudge the Abstracts and confirm participation of
delegates. Short-listed participants will be offered second class AC train fare and local
hospitality (boarding, lodging, airport/railway station)

Prof. P.V.Rao Prof. V.Balakista Reddy
Conference Director Professor of International Law &
Visiting Professor, Coordinator, SAARCLAW Centre
M K Nambyar SAARCLAW Centre balakista@gmail.com

NALSAR University of Law
Justice City, Shameerpet
Hyderabad: 500078, A.P.India
Tel: +91-40-23498214
Fax: +91-8418-245161/ 174,
Cell: +91-99486 60916

Email: saarclawcentre@gmail.com
Website: http://saarclawcentre.org/

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