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Organized by
National Law University, Jodhpur
In association with
National Foundation for Corporate Governance

Abstracts are invited on the following sub-themes in pursuance of the above stated objectives. The content of abstract should be within 300 words giving a brief introduction to the specific topic of paper within any one of the sub-themes. It should also state the sub-theme, the objectives of the paper, proposed subdivisions (if any) and keywords. The format for submission of abstracts for the conference is attached in the Word format. The
last date for submission of the abstracts is December 24, 2009. All communications pertaining to the Conference, including the submission of abstracts and papers, should be mailed to us at the following e-mail address:
Theme I
Appointment and Qualification of Independent Directors
The appointment of independent directors has become a topic of recent debates among policy makers and government committees on corporate governance, especially in the public sector. There have been several recommendations for developing specific criteria for determining the eligibility of independent directors. The discussion under this theme would be aimed at analyzing the existing qualifications for independent directors, their term of appointment, appointing authority and other requirements. Furthermore, these are to be examined against the prevalent legal requirements in other jurisdictions and best practices followed by leading corporate houses. The objective of this session is to bring out emphatic suggestions for ensuring ‘independence’ of independent directors.

Theme II
Role and Functions of Independent Directors in protection of Investors Interests

The Kumarmangalam Birla Committee had introduced the concept of independent directors to the Indian corporate and legal regime with certain specific objectives. The primary idea was to ensure that the decisions taken by the management are in conformity with the interests of the shareholders and stakeholders. At present, SEBI laws and securities exchanges’ listing agreements entail the duties of independent directors.
However, most often the role and functions of independent directors have become conspicuous in the corporate world due to the deficient performance of the same. This theme is focused on pondering at mechanisms for seeking effective and meaningful participation of independent directors at important board decisions as well as those of board sub-committees.

Theme III
Liability of Independent Directors:

Independent directors are meant to introduce an element of neutrality into the management of a company. They are meant to act as trustees of the shareholders on the board of a company, and introduce accountability in corporate governance from within the system. By virtue of their appointment and the subsequent role played in managing the affairs of the company, the liability of independent directors has been a matter of debate and controversy. A lesser degree of liability for independent directors has been advocated by some quarters, citing differences in their roles in comparison with those of the executive directors. The recent debate generated by the curative petition filed by the CBI before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the Bhopal case and the report of the Parliament’s Standing Committee on the Companies Bill, 2008 has propelled the issue of liability of independent directors into the limelight. Considering the importance of the issue in the present day corporate climate, this session seeks to generate ideas on the scope and extent of liability of independent directors and modification/amendment of the existing legal regime on the issue.

Important Dates for submission:
Last date for submission of Abstracts- December 24, 2010
Communication of Acceptance to Selected Authors- January 20, 2011
Last Date for Registration- February 12, 2011
Last Date for Submission of Completed Papers- February 12, 2011
Registration fee: Rs. 1500/- per participant
For more details contact:
National Law University
NH-65, Nagour Road,
Mandore, Jodhpur - 342304 (Raj.)
Phone No.: 0291- 2577934

Format for Submission of Abstract
Phone No.
Abstract (Maximum 300 words):
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