Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Indian IP Owners’ convention 23-24 December 2010, New Delhi

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Confederation Indian Industry with  the support of Intellectual Property office (IPO) India, has undertaken taken a flagship initiative to Constitute an “Indian IP Owners’ Forum” with a View to  bring together Intellectual property Owners of India on One platform. The forum envisions to  become a flag bearer to Partner in National Intellectual Property developmental Goals.
With help of Indian IP Owners we are planning to initiate the following activities shortly. 
Formation of the Indian IP Owners Forum and its Governing Structure
Constitution of IP Owners Groups in various IP verticals
Finalization of action plan and delivery mechanisms 

To initiate the above activities, they are holding 1st yearly Convention of Indian IP Owners on  23-24 December 2010 in  New Delhi. The objective of the convention is to celebrate the  achievements made by Indian IP Owners and to have IP exposition for both IP owners and IP  service providers to exhibit their IPs/services offered for transfer/licensing and to officially launch the of “Indian Intellectual Property Owners’ Forum” (IIPOF)

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