Wednesday, October 6, 2010

4th Annual International Conference on the Globalization


Date(s) of Conference:
December 10, 2010
Florida International University College of Law
As class actions and other forms of collective litigation continue to gain support around the world and provoke a remarkable transformation in national legal regimes, there is a need to explore the short and long-term social, economic and cultural impact of this change.
This conference, co-organized by professors Manuel A. Gomez (Florida International) and Deborah R. Hensler (Stanford) is the fourth in the series of international conferences on the global spread of collective litigation begun in 2007 at Oxford University. It will bring together academicians, policy analysts and legal practitioners to systematically review the status of collective litigation around the world with special focus on Latin America, a region signaled by a growing interest in protecting collective rights, the passage of legislation that provides for class actions and similar mechanisms, and the increased participation of domestic courts in deciding cases that involve large-scale accidents, environmental harms, exposure to toxic materials, defective products and financial injuries.
The conference will address issues of critical importance including financing, coordination and enforcement. It will also serve as a vehicle to exchange information about how the collective litigation rules work in practice, who is availing themselves of these procedures and for what ends, and what the economic and social consequences are for individuals, business, and the public interest.
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Linda Trujillo
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