Tuesday, January 20, 2015

National Workshop-cum-Conference on Judicial Dissent at Glocal Law School

Glocal Law School, Glocal University, Saharanpur, U.P, is going to organize a National Workshop-cum-Conference on “Judicial Dissent: A Conceptual and Contextual Audit of the Decision Making in the Supreme Court of India.  The conference is being organised in association with Rural Litigation  & Entitlement Kendra (RLEK), Dehradun and it will be held on 4th & 5th April, 2015.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wish all the Blog Readers a Very Happy New Year 2015

If we could stop for a minute to solve real problems facing humanity, instead of imaginary problems mystified with complex mathematics and vocabulary, we may be convinced to realize that education would have been one of the most luxurious adventures of mankind. If we don't have time to read a book in the New Year 2015, at least let us read and inculcate the thoughts of this message. It may make us think, to think is to expand, to expand is to gain and the thought process goes on. If we look on the bright side of things, we shall find enough to make us cheerful and happy. The most powerful thing in life... is our thinking, which has ability to change any situation. We often make two mistakes in our search of inner peace... focusing on things we cannot change, and ignoring things we can change.
As we all know that if we give smiles, they will be returned to us; if we speak pleasant, cheerful words, they will be spoken to us again. Our own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams we want to realize. Our words are the greatest power we have. The words we choose and their use establish the life we experience. Therefore let us live our moments for what we are, not for what we may become. Let us always find time to tell those people we love, that we love them, care for them, or whatever they mean to us in our life. Life is precious, and we need to be grateful for each day we are given. We should not have only dreams but set goals and achieve what we would otherwise dream! Let us smile in trouble that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. Time heals all wounds, but only wisdom keeps them from reopening.
Making hundreds of friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a single friend like you who will stand by our side even when thousands are against us. The limitations of us are our own creation, designed to provide cover for our unwillingness to try. We should never be afraid to change our vision, set new goals, and challenge ourselves. Life is best experienced without boundaries; so let us live each day ceremoniously. In fact we are not bound to succeed, but we are bound to live by the light that we have. Let us stand with those whose stands are right, and remain with them while they are right. Let us seize the present opportunity; work with dedication and sincerity and enjoy it; this is the best reward that we can give to ourselves.  As we all came here, into this life, with our own music to play; each of us our own set of notes. Let's all play together nicely so that the world becomes a sweet music along the manuscript of life.

With these few words i wish you, your family and friends a very happy and successful year ahead.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

UPES Journal of Law and Technology

UPES Journal of Law and Technology (UJLT) is a bi-annual law, journal published by the College of Legal Studies, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. UJLT is one of the early journals in India specifically devoted to the field of technology law. The journal is designed in a way that it caters to the demands of technology law.
The submissions are selected for publication through a peer-review mechanism comprising of multiple rounds of review. If required, the papers would be put through a refereed process.  
The Journal accepts submissions in the form of articles, notes, comments, and book reviews. Since the Journal focuses on the interface between law and technology, submissions should sufficiently have that focus. We are interested in submissions on the law and policy of areas, e.g., but not limited to e-commerce, cybercrime, biotechnology, bioethics, competition, outsourcing, intellectual property. Submissions on social issues posed by technology also fall within our interest.  
The Editorial Board invites submissions for Volume 1, Number 1. The Journal follows a rolling submissions policy and the deadline for submission for the forthcoming volume is March 10, 2015. However, since we never reject an otherwise good paper for want of space, the submissions received after this date shall be considered for the next issue. Our Volume 1, Number 1 is devoted to “Law and Technology Perspectives of Intellectual Property Rights”.   
1. All manuscripts (in hard copy or e-mail) must be accompanied by:
a.    A covering letter with the name(s) of the author(s), institution/affiliation, the title of the manuscript and contact information (email, phone, etc.)
b.    An abstract of not more than 250 words describing the submission
2.  Electronic submissions (email) should be made in Word Format (.doc)/(.docx), (.pdf) format is not acceptable. The submission should have text size of 12pt for body text and 10pt for footnotes on Times New Roman Font style at 1.5 line spacing.
3.  Text and citations should ideally conform to THE BLUEBOOK: A UNIFORM SYSTEM OF CITATION (19th edition).  
4.  No biographical information or references, including the name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s) and acknowledgements should be included in the text of the manuscript, file name or document properties.  All such information may be incorporated in the covering letter accompanying the manuscripts.
5.  The Journal encourages gender neutrality in language.
6.  The articles in the Journal will be edited and published according to the orthographical and grammatical rules of Indian English, which is based on British English. Submission in American English will be modified accordingly.
7.  To facilitate the publication of concise and relevant legal scholarship, the Journal strongly encourages authors not to exceed 20000 words (inclusive of text and footnotes). However, this word limit is not binding and can be waived in appropriate circumstances.
8.  Authors are required to obtain written permission for the use of any copyrighted material in the manuscript and must communicate the same to the Journal.  Such material may include tables, charts etc.
9.  Journal requires exclusive submissions. 

10. Either electronic or hard copies of the manuscripts may be submitted, though electronic submissions are strongly encouraged.  
Please send your submissions to:
b.    Address hard copies to:
The Editor-in-Chief,
UPES Journal of Law and Technology
College of Legal Studies,
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies,
Dehradun - 248007
11. Upon selection for publication, the authors shall grant a licence to the Editorial Board/College of Legal Studies to edit and publish the manuscript as part of the Journal. Authors shall retain copyright over their submission but must acknowledge first publication in the Journal. Unless otherwise agreed upon, such a license shall be as per the standard terms and conditions provided by the Journal to the authors upon acceptance.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

International Conference on Law, Patent, and Technology 2015

The 2015 International Conference on Law, Patent, and Technology (ICLPT2015) is to be held in Bangkok, 

Thailand, on January 21-23, 2015. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform which focuses on certain 

important topics of law, patent, and technology. Detailed information about the conference can be found on the

official website. We sincerely invite your participation for this event. Submitted papers will be subject to a double

-blind review process. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN 

reference, on CD-ROM support.

Conference Website: http://soci-science.org/iclpt2015 

Online Submission: http://soci-science.org/iclpt2015/PaperSubmission.html

Enquiries: ICLPT.Conference@gmail.com

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2014

Conference Chairs:

Prof. Sun-Jeong Kim, Dongguk University, Korea

Prof. Kevin Bernard Nachtrab, Johnson & Johnson, USA

Prof. Yves Reboul, University of Strasbourg, France

Judge Thomas Voit, Germany Federal Patent Court, Germany

Prof. Mei-Hsin Wang, Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, UK

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seminar on Business Approach to Intellectual Property

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hope this mail finds you in the best of your health and high spirits.

I am very happy to inform you that BananaIP, formerly Brain League,  is conducting its first seminar on “Business Approach to Intellectual Property” for IT, Electronics and Telecom industries.  It will be really great if you can make it for the seminar or delegate any person who, in your opinion, might benefit from the same.

Broadly, the seminar covers topics such as Recent IP developments impacting IT, electronics and telecom industries, managing open source licenses, Business approach and framing strategies for IP in the Indian market, IP mining/auditing in an organization to drive growth, and  changing patent landscape.

 Further information on the Seminar may be accessed at  http://www.bananaip.com/events/business-approach-intellectual-property-it-electronics-telecom-industries/

We will be grateful if you can kindly circulate this mail among your contacts who might be interested. 
Thanks for your support.

With regards,

Bency Varghese

This message comes to you from the desk of :

Bency Varghese
Event Facilitator
SiNApSE IP Events
No.40, 2nd Floor, 3rd Main Road,
JC Industrial Estate, Kanakapura Road,
Bangalore – 560 062, India
Ph : +91-80-26860424/34
Fax: +91-80-49536207

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Socio Legal Review NLSIU Bangaluru

Socio Legal Review, a student-edited, peer-reviewed journal which is published by the Law and Society Committee, National Law School of India University, Bangalore is inviting submissions for its next edition. The journal is going into its eleventh year of publication.
The Socio-Legal Review is currently inviting submissions for its eleventh volume to be published in 2015 and since it is now a biannual publication, it will be published in two issues this year. The deadline for sending in submission for the first issue is November 1, 2014.
The Socio-Legal Review (SLR) is a student-edited, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published by the Law and Society Committee of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. SLR aims to be a forum that involves, promotes and engages students and scholars to express and share their ideas and opinions on themes and methodologies relating to the interface of law and society. The Journal thus features guest articles by eminent scholars as well as student essays, providing an interface for the two communities to interact. From 2012, SLR has become a biannual publication from an annual publication.
All contributions submitted to the Journal should be original and should not be simultaneously considered for publication elsewhere. The Editorial Board has refrained from imposing a theme. A submission is welcome as long as it fits within the general mandate of the Journal, as outlined above. Contributions should be mailed only in a soft copy to slr@nls.ac.in andsociolegalreview.nls@gmail.com, the subject of the mail being ‘Submission for 2014 Volume’. Biographical information is to be provided in a removable title page.
The Journal is accepting contributions for Articles and Short Articles. With reference to Articles, contributions should not ordinarily exceed 8000 words. With reference to Short Articles, contributions should not ordinarily exceed 5000 words. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject without review manuscripts that exceed the word limit substantially. The Journal also accepts Book Reviews and Notes from the Field. The latter includes shorter pieces designed to provide a glimpse into a new legal strategy, political initiative or advocacy technique applied in the field, a current problem or obstacle faced in, legal reform or development work, or a new issue that has not yet received much attention and needs to be brought to light. Contributions should not exceed 3000 words.
The last date for submission for the first issue is November 1st, 2014, Submissions may, nevertheless, be made after these dates. They will be considered for publication in the issue to follow. All submissions are to be made via e-mail as .doc or .docx documents. SLR follows the Harvard Blue Book – A Uniform System of Citation (19th edn.) style of referencing. Contributors are requested to comply with the same
For any clarifications, please contact us at slr@nls.ac.in or sociolegalreview.nls@gmail.com